About Me

Hi, I’m Robert – a technology journalist and engineer based in the UK.

At work, I’m the Senior Feature Editor and Lead Technical Writer at Android Authority, and contributor to SoundGuys. My coverage expertise includes 4G and 5G networking, machine learning & AI, smartphone SoCs and processor architectures, display technology, and wireless audio.

My educational background is in audio. I hold a first class BSc (Hons) Sound Engineering, specializing in electronics, digital audio effects and programming, and acoustics. So I’m also a dab hand at valve and solid-state amplifiers, headphone and speaker technologies, and digital audio theory too. I still try to find the time to build my own audio and guitar gear, having notched up a few custom PCB designs and thousands of lines of C for AVR and Arm microcontrollers.

This website is dedicated to hosting some of my finest professional works and homebrew projects in the hope that it may inspire others to get involved with tech and audio. Keep on reading if you’re interested in a CV or toss me a line if you want to chat about, well almost anything.