Published Articles & Features

This page contains a collection of just some of the thousands of my published articles related to mobile technology, audio, and product reviews. A full list of articles can be found on my author pages over at Android Authority and Sound Guys.

5G Explained and What to Expect

Around the world, companies and governments are working to iron out the finer points that will bring 5G mobile data to the masses.

Ultimate Guide to Bluetooth

Ever wondered what the quality difference between Bluetooth codecs are? This guide breaks down everything.

Does AI matter in the camera?

Many smartphones now pack AI camera technology but does it really help to take better pictures or is it just another photograph gimmick?

Android must adopt USB Audio 3.0?

If USB Type-C headphones are to replace wired products, major software players need to adopt the USB Audio Class 3.0 specification and fast.

It's 2018 and USB Type-C is a mess

USB Type-C was billed as the one-stop solution for all our future cable needs, but the standard is overly complex and unwieldy.

Multiple-lens phone photography

The first triple camera phone is already here, and larger multi-lens camera technologies could soon make an appearance.